Easy & Convenient

Using any Internet-connected PC, you can process payments anywhere, anytime. And with no software to download or lengthy installation process to wait for, you'll enjoy the prompt processing of payments directly from your home or place of business.


Powerful Functionalities

With TSYS WebPASSSM, you'll have recurring payment capabilities, multi-user features, available reports 24/7 and the convenience of integrating our plug-and-play card readers to process face-to-face transactions.



Your business – and your clients – will be protected from fraud with real-time processing, data protections and verification code support. Credit card data is transmitted with the highest levels of encryption and security protocols, and compliance updates are seamlessly integrated into the application, with no action required by you.

Entering a sale in TSYS WebPASS image


  • Accept credit cards via swipe
  • Accept credit cards by manually entering


  • Void recent transactions on your device
  • Email receipt to customer


  • Simple, modern and professional design
  • Intuitive transaction process

Compatible Devices

Card Readers


    SecureKey IDKE-534833BE*
    SecureMag IDRE-334133BE*
    MiniMag Duo IDMB-354112B*
    SREDKey IDSK-534833TEB*

  • MagTek Mini

    Part Number: 21040109
    Part Number: 21073062 (USB)
    Part Number: 21040107 (USB)
    Part Number: 21040145 (USB)


TSYS WebPASS receipts may be printed on properly configured Windows printers. Please be sure your printer is connected to your computer before trying to print a WebPASS receipt.

*Requires TSYS Production Encryption ordered from The Phoenix Group

System Requirements

Recommended Requirements

  • Operating System
  • Display
  • Required Software

  • Internet Connection
  • Windows 7 32-bit
  • 1024 x 768 pixels; High color (32-bit)
  • Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 9
    Mozilla® Firefox® 3.6.18 or higher*
    Google Chrome® version 17*
    Safari® 5.1*
    Adobe® Flash® Player version 8.5.0 or higher (to access reports)
  • High Speed (Cable, DSL, T1, T3, Wireless data card)
*Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are certified for 32-bit Windows 7, Vista, and XP only. Safari is not supported on Windows XP.

Frequently Asked Questions

*Requires TSYS Production Encryption ordered from The Phoenix Group